Course Catalog

Listed below is information on the various training courses available from Xcerra. Please click on the links for more information on the individual courses.


General Training Courses

Course #
More Information
Digital Theory
 0201e (online) 
Introduction to Unison U170X
 1521e (online) 
Unison UTL Advanced Programming Concepts
 2800e (online) 

Diamond Series Training Courses

Course #
More Information
Diamond HDVI Instrument Applications
 0950e (online) 
Diamond Mixed Signal (Multiwave)
Diamond Series Basic Applications
Diamond Series Memory Test Applications
Diamondx ATMPx Instrument Introduction
 2600e (online) 
Diamondx DCTMx Instrument Introduction
 2200e (online) 
Diamondx FPVIx Instrument Introduction
 2500e (online) 
Diamondx HPVIx Instrument Introduction
 2400e (online) 
Diamondx MP1x Instrument Introduction
 2300e (online) 
Diamondx / DxV AT1x Instrument Introduction
 2001e (online) 
NighthawkCT Instrument Introduction
 1100e (online) 
PD1x / PD2x Instrument Introduction
 2700e (online) 
Unison 4 Digital (VLSI) Applications
Unison Digital Applications
Unison Mixed Signal Applications
Unison Mixed Signal (VLSI) Testing
Diamond 10 Maintenance
Diamondx Maintenance
DxV Maintenance
 3000e (online) 
NighthawkCT Maintenance and Installation
 1200e (online) 

ASL Training Courses

Course #
More Information
ASL visualATE Applications
ASL visualATE Multisite Programming
 0374e (online) 
ASL XVI Instrument Applications
 0120e (online) 
ASLx visualATE 7 Applications
ASLx VSX Instrument Introduction
 0250e (online) 
ASL1000 Maintenance
ASLx Maintenance
ASLx VSX Instrument Maintenance
 0251e (online) 

X-Series Training Courses

Course #
More Information
Unison PAx-AC Applications
X-Series Graphical Debug Tool Tutorial
 0517e (online) 
X-Series Mixed Signal Applications - DDP
X-Series Mixed Signal Applications - FX Digital
X-Series Mixed Signal Applications (MSDI)
PAx - AC Maintenance
X-Series CX Maintenance
X-Series EX/MX Maintenance
X-Series LX Operation and Maintenance
 0516e (online) 

Handler Series Training Courses

Course #
More Information
InCarrier L Plus Advanced Service Training
InCarrier Loader 8K Advanced Training EN
MT2168 LSPK Advanced Service Training
MT2168 XT Advanced Service Training
MT9510 XP Advanced Service Training
MT9928xm Advanced Service Training V1
MT2168 LSPK Expert Service Training
MT2168 XT Expert Service Training
MT9510 XP Expert Service Training
MT9928xm Expert Service Training

Training Partners

In addition to Xcerra offered training programs, we also work with a variety of training partners to provide additional training options, including legacy product training and generic test technology training. For more information on these training partners, please contact your local Training Center or visit our partners' websites.